Ocelot Information

CPU-XA Instruction and Program Format

Joe Pasqua has written an excellent document describing the instructions used in .pgm files and the format of the .pgm file itself. It can be found at http://www.noroomattheinn.org/CPUXA. I have made some updates to the document which can be found http://www.math.ohio-state.edu/~alden/ocelot/CPUXAProgramFormat.html.

My own Ocelot Compiler

I have written my own compiler for the CPU-A family. The compiler allows you to write in simple language which resembles a combination of Perl and C. Please note that the compiler doesn't allow you to download code to your unit, you'll have to use C-MAX to do that.

Other compilers

Joe Pasqua (yes, the very same one who wrote the instruction and program format document :-) has written his own compiler. His uses a much-simplified Java-like syntax. It can be found at http://www.noroomattheinn.org/CPUXA. stuff