Fall 2017, Math 4581: Abstract Algebra II


Time/Location: MWF 9:10--10:05am, Enarson Classroom Bldg 243

Instructor: Hannah Alpert (call me Hannah; Dr. Alpert is also correct)

Email: alpert.19 (and ends just like your email address)

Office Hours: MF 10:30am--12:00, or by appointment.

Office: Math Tower 420 (not Math Building 420, a different room)

Office Phone: 614-292-7236


Syllabus: Available here.

Textbook: You should buy the Math 4581 course notes by Professor Ronald Solomon, available through OSU bookstores. We will also use Abstract Algebra: Theory and Applications, by Thomas W. Judson, available free online. The 2017 printed version is available from Amazon.

Grading: Homework (35%) + Midterm 1 (15%) + Midterm 2 (15%) + Final (35%).

Description: General department course description is here.



Homework Collaboration Policy: You are encouraged to discuss homework problems with your classmates. After solving a problem together, please write it up separately in your own words. At no time before homeworks are turned in should any student who has not finished a solution read a written solution of any student who has finished. Please indicate in your solution all collaborators or written sources (other than our textbooks) that you consulted.