I like extreme endurance. I finished an Ironman (The Blue Devil Triathlon) in 2005. That's a 2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike ride, then a 26.2 mile run (a full marathon) back to back to back. And lucky me, I only rode 8 miles extra on the bike due to going off course. I attempted a 100 mile run in 2007 but only made it to mile 60. (I guess I'm lazy.) Most of my weekend training runs are by definition ultramarathons, though these are not officially sanctioned. I am training for a spring 50 miler now. I'll do several official 50's this year as they don't take that much training time for me. I will likely wait to try another 100 as I want to get papers out.
Stand Up
I do stand up comedy. I've been a finalist in the Columbus Funny Bone's Funniest Person in Columbus multiple times as well as a finalist in Akron and an Ohio wide contest. One of my sets apparently aired late night on Fox28 in Columbus, though I never saw it and was not informed of when it aired. I've gotten paid gigs across Ohio, including headlining near Lake Erie, and I did a radio interview about my stand up in Marion, Ohio.
I bet you know I like math too.

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