OSU Triathlon Club

Upcoming Events

  1. Bike Maintenance Clinic @ Sawmill Bikesource Tuesday May 10 @ 8pm
  2. Nutrition Seminar with Dr. Steve Devor Monday May 16 @ 7pm
  3. Swim Clinic in 50m pool Sunday May 22 @ 7:30pm
  4. Training weekend (Preview of Alum Creek Course) June 4 and 5


Why Triathlon Club?

  1. Meet people.
  2. Train together.
  3. Learn smarter training without having to read a book.
  4. Compete at the Collegiate Nationals if you desire.
  5. Get in better shape.
  6. Get a variety. In our opinion, the three sports together are better than any one.
  7. Have fun.


  1. Q: What level of ability must I have to join the Triathlon Club?
    A: Individuals of all ability levels are encouraged to join our club. No prior experience required in any of the three disciplines.
  2. Q: What if I am only interested in one or two of the three disciplines (swimming, biking,, and running)?
    A: That's ok. This is not only a triathlon club, but a multisport club. Again we are inclusive of anyone that wishes to take part. Whether you just wish to train, or compete as well, the opportunities are endless.
  3. Q: I'm glad you're inclusive but why should I join if I'm afraid of the water and not interested in swimming? Or I don't own and can't afford a bike?
    A: You are welcome to take part in only the training sessions that interest you. When it comes to competition, you may team with others to compete as a relay or you may choose to enter multisport races that cater to your strengths/interests: Duathlon (run-bike-run), Aquathlon (run-swim-run). Again, the opportunities are endless.
  4. Q: It sure seems like you have a lot of training sessions on your calendar. There is no way I could make them all. What kind of attendance requirements does the club have?
    A: In a sense, there are NO required practices. We're just trying to create opportunities for you to get in a workout with a group. Our intent is to publish a general training plan (3 ability levels for each discipline) that each individual can self select from. It will then be up to you to find the practices that work best for you - or do them on your own (hopefully the former).
  5. Q: How do I find out more about the club?
    A: Read this website. We intend to use this as the primary communication tool and will post training programs to this site.
  6. Q: Where are the workouts posted?
  7. Q: How will schedule changes and time sensitive communications be distributed?
    A: We have created a listserv as a method to contact club members via email: osutriathlon@lists.acs.ohio-state.edu
    Feel free to use this listserv as a method to reach out to your fellow club members to organize alternative workouts. However, we ask that everyone please be respectful not to abuse it. (You'll be emailing over a hundred people.) If we all start receiving too many messages then we are likely to delete them without viewing content. Also, please be sure your content is suitable for distribution to all. If you wish to be removed from the listserv or would like to use a different email address, please contact: henkel.22@osu.edu
  8. Q: I do not currently have a bike but I'm interested in getting one. What measurements do I need to get a proper bike and how do I determine what make/model is best for me?
    A: We are working with Bike Source (Dublin) to arrange for merchandise discounts for team members. We are also looking to hold a weekend or evening clinic on BIKE FIT and BASIC BIKE MAINTENANCE.
  9. Q: What type of running shoes do I need for a competition?
    A: You really don't need anything special to race in or with. You can compete in training shoes or racing flats. Most competitive triathletes will wear lightweight racing flats with elastic laces for faster transition times. See this link for some great insight on getting started and gear requirements.
  10. Q: How long before our practice times take on regularity?
    A: We have already had good turnout at a number of practices. It is really up to each of you to be committed to make this work. Our intention is to have a general training plan/guideline workouts posted on this site by the third week of January. People can choose any of our practice times (or partner club sessions) to try to accomplish what they are personally capable of. Individuals can elect to complete the workouts on their own if they wish or if they have really inflexible schedules. But doing so defeats the purpose of the club.
  11. Q: Who can I get in contact with to work on my swimming, cycling, and running form/technique?
    A: Workout leaders are experienced in the area they are coaching and are likely knowledgeable in other areas as well. Do not be bashful about asking for help from our more experienced members. Although they may not be able to help you in the middle of a workout due to their own training needs, most will be happy to help you before and/or after practice sessions. We also plan to hold clinics for each of the three disciplines. Stay tuned to the listserv and this website for more information on training/technique clinics.
  12. Q: Can a person ask for private coaching if their schedule doesn't work well with their regular schedule or if they have specific goals/needs they would like help with?
    A: Most training leaders are happy to help with general questions. If you wish to have a personalized training program built for you, or if you would like in person, one on one coaching, contact Andy Schmitz (schmitz.63@osu.edu) to be put in contact with a certified coach.
  13. What's a trainer?
    Trainer: A trainer is a device that you can use to turn your road bike into a stationary bike. Generally it's a contraption with a metal roller that exudes pressure against the rear wheel to simulate effort as if you were riding on the road. The bike is generally locked in and stable. You may hear a more advanced setup called "rollers" where the bike sits on two rollers in the back and one on the front. This takes a bit more coordination as you must balance on the rollers - the bike is not locked in. If you stop by French Fieldhouse on Wed. or Thurs at 7pm, we generally have team members with either or both present. (Trainers are more common)
  14. What's a brick?
    Brick: The term brick is used when combining multiple training elements together - to get used to racing these elements back to back. A bike-run brick is most common (you'll do your bike workout first and follow it immediately by a run workout... or you may go between, e.g., bike, run, bike, run, bike, run.)



For beginners:

OSU links:

Training Schedule and Locations Spring 05

7amSwimLarkins 50m pool
5:30pmSwimLarkins 50m pool
5:30pmRun session (road)Statue (in front of main library)
7amSwimLarkins 50m pool
5:30pmSwimLarkins 50m pool
5:30pmBikeStatue or off campus location
5:30pmRunLarkins Lobby
8:30amFat Rabbit Tri Practice See training website for location
11amLong RunStatue
8amBike Source Long RideBike Source Store Dublin
8:30amFat Rabbit Tri Practice See training website for location


Training Leaders

LeaderSwimmingCyclingRunning Resistance Training
Stephen BrowningSwimming
Jessica CranfordResistance Training
Michelle DiGeronimoRunning
Erin FordSwimming
Ryan StubenrauchCycling
Jun YamaguchiSwimmingCyclingRunning

Fund Raising

We will be permitted to register for campus fund raising activities (clean up of areas and facilities) during the spring quarter. (All winter assignments have already been made.) Only those who participate in fund raising activities have these club funds applied to their club related activities. Others will be asked to pay their own way, or can share sponsorship funds if any are secured. If you have any ideas for alternative fundraising methods, please contact Sam Ticchi: ticchi.1@osu.edu


Whether you are a beginner or advanced triathlete, we hope you plan to take part in at least one race this year. We will soon announce special discounts available to the OSU team through our first sponsor, Fat Rabbit Racing. Take a look at their schedule to see what races they are putting on this year: http://www.fatrabbitracing.com

Written workouts