Ohio State Workshop on Schubert Calculus

May 9-12, 2018


Dave Anderson, Rachel Karpman, Hsian-Hua Tseng.


Please register by filling out this form.  The deadline for applications for (partial) travel support is Monday, April 9 (to apply, just check the appropriate box on the registration form). We will make decisions later that week and notify you by email.

Some basic lodging and travel information can be found here.


Sara Billey

Anders Buch

Melody Chan

Linda Chen

William Fulton

Allen Knutson

Thomas Lam

Leonardo Mihalcea

Brendan Pawlowski

Oliver Pechenik

Rohini Ramadas

Richárd Rimányi

Mark Shimozono

Julianna Tymoczko

Alexander Woo

Alexander Yong



Wednesday 5/9 Thursday 5/10 Friday 5/11 Saturday 5/12
9:30: Yong 9:00: Lam 9:00: Tymoczko 9:00: Mihalcea
11:00: Shimozono 10:30: Pechenik 10:30: Pawlowski 10:30: Buch
2:00: Rimanyi 1:30: Ramadas 1:30: Woo 1:30: Billey
3:30: Fulton 3:00: Chan 3:00: Chen 3:00: wrap-up
4:30: Knutson

image by Melchior from wikimedia commons