Math 8110: Geometry of Homogeneous Spaces

This is a topics course on rational projective homogeneous spaces, usually written G/P.  We will focus on explicit descriptions of these spaces.

Classes are on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 1:50 - 2:45pm, online.

There is no single textbook for the course. I will send notes and references by email, and post some here.

A rough schedule of topics is below, subject to change and update.

Feb 1-5 Flag varieties (tangent weights, Schubert varieties, Plucker coordinates)
Feb 8-12 Flag varieties (line bundles and representations)
Feb 15-19 Symplectic flag varieties
Feb 22-26 Symplectic flag varieties, cont'd, and student presentations
Mar 1-5 Lie theory
Mar 8-12 Lie theory (cont'd)
Mar 15-19 The G2 flag variety
Mar 22-26 ICERM workshop, student presentations