GEICO has posted a new actuarial analyst position on FutureLink.
Actuarial Assistant
Chevy Chase, Maryland (Corporate Headquarters)
This career track is well suited for mathematics, actuarial science,
economics, and statistics majors.

When you start your career as an Actuarial Assistant at GEICO, you'll
work in one of two areas - Pricing or Reserving.  Placement in either
area can be further discussed during the interview process.  In
Pricing, we'll teach you about our property-casualty insurance
business and one of your main responsibilities will include helping us
to set our insurance rates. To do this, you'll analyze past driver
experiences and present driver conditions, and assess related trends.
Not only will you analyze automobile rates, but you may also get to
work with motorcycle, RV or ATV data.  If you start your career in
Reserving, you'll work on a team that determines the amount of money
GEICO needs to hold in reserve in order to pay out future insurance
claims.  Regardless of department, a typical day will include
analyzing premium and loss data using various computer and statistical
programs, helping to develop new insurance products, assisting our
underwriters in determining drivers' risk levels, and suggesting
systems updates, capabilities and requirements.  After gaining
on-the-job experience in one area, you could consider moving into the
other discipline to gain additional experience and further your career.
As you know Actuaries gain experience by advancing through a series of
exams offered by the Casualty Actuarial Society. At GEICO, we'll pay
for your exams and provide you with 115 paid study hours per exam.
And, as you pass them, you may be eligible for raises, bonuses or
What we look for in candidates:
* Bachelor's degree in math, actuarial science or related field
* An overall undergraduate GPA of at least a 3.0; 3.2 in major
* Very good analytical and problem-solving skills
* Solid written and verbal communication skills
* Strong computer skills, including Word and Excel
* Some computer programming knowledge
* High level of dependability
* Commitment to taking and passing actuarial exams
* Preference is given to candidates who have passed at least one
  actuarial exam