Forwarded Message:
"The best way to reach our goal of being the world's premier provider
of risk management and human capital consulting services is by making
sure the industry's best and brightest call Aon home. We hope you'll
consider joining Aon. It's a great time to be here."
                                      Aon President and CEO Greg Case

Hi University Actuarial Students & Professors!

Aon is the leading global provider of risk management, insurance &
reinsurance brokerage and human capital consulting. We are seeking
actuarial students for our 2010 Business Internship Program in
locations nationwide,  specifically within our Consulting and Global
Risk Consulting divisions! We are looking for undergraduate juniors
graduating in December 2010 through June 2011 with actuarial science,
mathematics, statistics, or a related degree with a minimum GPA of a
3.0.  We have an amazing 10 week development Program that in most
cases starts in June of 2010 in which we have attached our marketing
materials for your review.

We encourage you to apply, starting February 1st, to this wonderful
opportunity by following the link below and clicking on the right
panel stating "Apply Now".  Be sure to register, upload a Word or PDF
copy of your resume and apply to positions by searching "Early Career".
We will review all resume submissions and reach out to you directly to
discuss next steps should we see a fit for our open positions.

To apply for Aon's Business Internship Program CLICK HERE.

All Professors, please forward on and share this email with your
students and clubs.  We look forward to hearing from you via our
website.  Thank you!


Aon Corporation Campus Recruiting