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FAQ's about MAPS Career Workshops:

Why should I attend a career workshop?

Workshops are a quick way to get a jumpstart on your search for
internships and jobs specific to your areas of interest in the
world of work.  In 45 minutes, you will learn valuable information,
techniques and strategies that will help you sort out the many
steps involved in looking for a summer job, internship or full-time
job after graduation.   

What happens in a career workshop?

You will be provided with information and resources on the job and
internship sources and get some answers to your specific questions.
You will receive handouts and website information on the latest job
sites. No registration is required, just walk-in and sign up.

Resume Writing Workshop

Thursday, February 7th: 2 pm 400 Stillman Hall (Women's Place Conference Room)
Tuesday, February 12th: 3 pm 1136 Physics Research Building

Come learn how to design a well-organized resume in 5 easy steps in
45 minutes. Some of the qualifications you can demonstrate in your
resume include your education, technology skills, prior employment
experience, student activities, research projects, team work and more.

Summer Job and Internship Workshop

Wednesday, February 20th: 4:00 pm 1136 Physics Research Building
Thursday, February 28th: 4 pm 1136 Physics Research Building

What will make your search for a summer position easier and more
effective?  This workshop will provide you with an overview of the
timelines, resources and answer your tough questions about
identifying and applying for summer jobs.
On-Campus Career Fairs - check the following site for listings to see
which fairs are open to MAPS students.

Chunsheng Ban
Actuarial Science
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