April 7, 10:00am - 3:00pm
Huntington Club
in the Ohio Stadium

Before the event
* Attend the Spring Career Day preparation workshops
* Get your resume in order
* Clarify your goals for Spring Career Day (finding employment, learning
  about various industries, discovering possible career paths, etc.)
* Review the Student Guidebook
* Plan out which employers you want to talk to and in what order
* Research these employers
* Plan what to wear--dress professionally
* Design and practice a 60 second introduction of yourself that highlights
  your key qualifications and your job/internship interests
* Prepare a few questions for employers about their companies and hiring

Day of the event
* Bring several copies of your resume printed on quality resume paper
* Bring a pen and paper to take notes and a folder/portfolio to hold
  company materials
* Ask for the business card of each employer with whom you speak
* Take company information and brochures instead of just the freebies
* Map out the order in which you will speak with employers to avoid
  wasting time or standing in line
* Be confident--firm handshake, speak clearly and loudly, make eye contact
* Ask questions based on your prior research
* Ask permission to leave a resume  

After the event
* Prepare for the Interview Day held April 8th, if you have an interview
* Write a thank-you note to each employer with whom you spoke
* Stay in touch with employers--offer to help out with upcoming projects
  over summer break

Have more questions?
Check with your college's Career Services office.  

or find us on Facebook by searching "Spring Career Day"