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Chunsheng Ban
Actuarial Science
OSU, Math Dept.

Citi is recruiting Arts and Sciences majors for a full-time Hedge Fund
Accountant position. Even though they use the term "accountant" they
are targeting Economics and Math/Actuarial majors for this position.
However, applicants should read the posting carefully to determine
whether they have the necessary skill sets. March, June and August
grads are welcome to apply.

The employer is using the Arts and Sciences FutureLink system to
receive application materials.  FutureLink can be found at  If you have not previously done so you
will need to register for FutureLink access at 48 Townshend Hall.
Full application instructions are included on FutureLink.  Use key
word "citi" in the employer search function.  Call 292-7055 if you
have questions or difficulties applying.

Job Title:
Hedge Fund Accountant


Citi Hedge Fund Services is an international financial services
provider that provides administration and corporate secretarial
services for the Hedge Fund Industry worldwide. We are currently
seeking a Hedge Fund Accountant to join our client services team
in Columbus.

This individual will have the following job duties:

1. Calculate Net Asset Value
* Value portfolio of securities.
* Perform reconciliations to prime broker and/or portfolio manager.
* Calculate income and expense accruals.
* Maintain general ledger.
* Calculate management fees.

2. Maintain Partners' Capital Accounts
* Maintain partner contributions and withdrawals.
* Determine economic allocations of profit and loss to partners.
* Calculate performance-based incentive fees.

3. Tax Recordkeeping
* Assist with computation of tax allocations and adjustments as well
  as preparation of tax reporting to clients.

4. Reporting
* Prepare monthly proof packages and investor capital account statements
  for clients.

5. General Duties
* Maintain and update client information.
* Keep management up to date with fund developments and escalate any
  problems or potential problems in a timely manner.
* Pay fund expenses.
* Assist with special projects as directed.