Towers Watson is accepting applicants for two analyst positions in China.
Chinese students studying in US, or those fluent in Chinese are encouraged
to apply. Please note that these positions require bilingual Chinese/English
skills. Open to seniors and recent grads.

There are two positions, which you can apply to through your FutureLink
accounts at http://futurelink.osu.edu . If you have not used FutureLink,
please contact Scott Kustis at Kustis.1@osu.edu for details on how to get
started. You will need to use your FutureLink accounts in the fall to sign
up for on-campus interviews.

Benefits Analyst - Beijing, China Office (apply through FutureLink posting
ID# 25230827) 
- Conduct market competitiveness benchmarking study, help clients identify
areas for improvements and estimate the associated financial impacts
- Design and analyze retirement and other wealth accumulation programs,
e.g. Enterprise Annuity, Savings Plan, Retention Plan, etc.
- Design and analyze employee group medical and life insurance plans, and
help clients select appropriate commercial insurance company
- Design and implement FLEX and other leading-edge benefits programs
- Project accounting and budget impacts of long-term employee benefits to
help clients make strategic decisions on future benefit restructure.
- Conduct financial and compliance due diligence and other M&A related
consulting services

Executive Compensation Analyst - Guangzhou, China Office (apply through
FutureLink posting ID# 25230825)
- Partner with consultants and clients to design Executive Compensation
strategies to attract, reward and retain talent
- Help our clients ensure that their reward programs are competitive by
performing competitive benchmarking analyses
- Perform industry and financial research related to Executive Compensation
strategy and design
- Develop pay structures and incentive designs that help support companies
business strategies
- Value equity awards through the application of financial formulas
- Participate in the design of custom Executive Compensation surveys
- Increase efficiency within the client teams by identifying ways to improve

Full study support will be provided for sitting actuarial examinations