Hi Everyone,

Welcome back!

The new semester really comes sooner than many of us expected, and some
employers have come even sooner than the semester.  The application
deadline for both State Farm and Erie Insurance's 2013 summer intern and
full-time position is August 26.  That is this coming Sunday!  Both
companies will come to conduct on-campus interviews the first full week
of September.  If you are looking for internship or full-time position
for 2013 summer, you need to act quickly!  Please go to FutureLink to
view and to apply for their positions.

There will be an actuarial club meeting Thursday next week, 8/30, in
CH 240 (a.k.a. MA 240) at 5:30.  Arts and Science Career Services will
come to explain their services, and we will have some updates about our
program.  Every student should come to this meeting.  Questions are

Chunsheng Ban