To Actuarial Mailing List:

Autumn quarter will start soon, and so will the heavy recruiting
season in actuarial science.  There are some important changes in
ResLink this year.

The companies that will be recruiting for actuarial position
will be given access to one of the resume books on the ResLink
system maintained by ASC Career Services.  It is important that you
enter an updated copy of your resume into this book, which is called
Actuarial Science 2006-2007.  The steps for doing this are:  1)
register to use ResLink by stopping by 05 Brown Hall and pick up the
handout that explains how to use ResLink and 2) use the Documents section
to upload and publish a resume into the Actuarial Science 2006-2007
book.  If you registered to use ResLink last year or before, you do
not need to register again as long as you are a current student or
graduated within the past year.  If you posted a resume in last
year's Actuarial Science book, it will not be transferred to the
new book.  You are responsible for updating your resume and posting
it into the new book.  Please know that if you do not publish your
resume in this manner, you will not be considered for all the
opportunities that the companies are recruiting for this year.

Please contact ASC if you have any question.

Best regards,
Chunsheng Ban
Actuarial Science
OSU, Math Dept.