JPMorgan Chase


The Audit Program attracts, develops, and retains a highly
skilled and diverse team of leaders who drive meaningful
change and deliver extraordinary results for JPMC. Our Audit
Program Analysts will gain mobility throughout the firm,
creating a fast track to management.

Auditors gain tremendous insight into how a leading financial
services firm manages business and technology risk. Highlights
of the opportunity include a variety of experiences,
accelerated exposure, leadership opportunities, periodic
training sessions, presenting to senior management, and a
social work environment.

Our full-time entry level program is a 2 year assignment on
the Retail & Operations Audit team; hiring is currently
available in Columbus, OH. 

Those who pursue the Audit track will assess the control
environment and business or technology risk management
processes of the Firm and collaborate with management to
develop solutions to improve existing controls. For those
who would like to obtain their CPA, CIA or other relevant
certifications, initial placement with Audit provides
licensure-qualifying experience.

As an Audit Program Analyst you will:
* Seek to understand a stakeholder's business, systems,
  operating strategy and critical processes
* Evaluate the controls that stakeholders have implemented to
  manage their risks
* Test controls to ensure they are working as designed by
  reviewing documentation, meeting with management to discuss
  the business processes, and observing general business operations
* Identify issues and collaborate with management to determine
  cost-effective solutions for improving their control environment
* Travel with teams to locations that include: New York, NY;
  Phoenix, AZ; Houston, TX; and other cities.

We seek candidates who have excellent analytical skills, a focus
on results, the ability to clearly articulate complex ideas, and
creative problem solving abilities. Qualified candidates must also
demonstrate strong interpersonal and communication skills,
effective teamwork, attention to detail, and the ability to
quickly assess problems and find workable solutions.

Public Comments 
We are considering students in the graduation range of
December 2008-June 2009.

Application Qualifications 
The following qualifications are required:
Major: Actuarial Science, Computer & Information Science
       (Engineering), Economics, Mathematical and Physical
       Sciences, Mathematics, Statistics
GPA: 3.25