This is a reminder of this week's information sessions.  There will be
three meetings:

Tuesday, 9/11, 6:00 pm, State Auto
Wednesday, 9/12, 7:15 pm, Milliman
Thursday, 9/13, 5:30 pm, Mercer

Among these three companies, State Auto is an insurance company
specializing in P&C insurance, and both Milliman and Mercer are
consulting firms.

Note that there is a class in room CH 240 until 6:15 pm on Tuesdays.
Please don't go into the meeting room on Tuesdays before 6:15.  We
start at 6:00 to have pizza and drink (hopefully), and the meeting
will start at or little after 6:15.

The meeting schedule and my other letters to the club are available
at following the link "Letters to

Chunsheng Ban