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Math and Actuarial seniors,

While the following positions do not have math/actuarial science as the
core job function, they may be of interest to you as well. Duff & Phelps
will be conducting on-campus interviews through the business school and
we may be able to put some ASC majors into the schedule.  Applications
still need to be processed through FutureLink for scheduling purposes.
Note there are two separate position, the Consulting Analyst and the
Valuation Analyst. Partial descriptions below, full descriptions
available through FutureLink.
Duff & Phelps is one of the world's leading independent financial
advisory firms. Our growing global presence attracts independent
professionals with an international perspective, while our
entrepreneurial approach ensures the ability to make a difference.

Dispute Consulting Analyst

Valuation Analysts within our Dispute & Legal Management Consulting
practice advise companies, individuals, and their attorneys on a broad
range of issues in connection with litigation, mediation and
arbitration. Clients rely on our expertise when dealing with complex
business matters or when facing a dispute or potential dispute.  As an
Analyst, representative engagements you will be afforded the
opportunity to work on include retrospective business valuations and/or
solvency/fairness opinions, quantification of damages from a failed
transaction or from lost profits, financial securities valuations in a
litigation matter and commercial/shareholder disputes.
Valuation Advisory Analyst

Our Valuation Advisory practice combines accounting knowledge with
leading valuation and corporate finance techniques. Valuation Advisory
Analysts work on a variety of assignments, including equity and debt
securities valuations, business enterprise valuations, purchase price
allocations, intellectual property valuations, business unit and asset
impairment valuations and stock option valuations.

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