Enclosed is a message from Mercer about their new posting on
FuturLink and more opportunity to be considered for an interview.
Please read carfully.

Chunsheng Ban
Actuarial Science
OSU, Math Dept.

For those students that wished to interview, but for whom no spaces were
available, we would ask that they please apply via the new job postings
listed on FutureLink by Amy Batule.  As the students noted during Monday
night's discussion, resume submissions are not possible for old postings,
but additional job postings have been set up specifically for this purpose.

For those candidates that interviewed with us yesterday (either for full
time or internship positions), we expect to contact some regarding
follow-up interviews in the next three to four weeks.  In the event that a
candidate will not be considered further, we would anticipate sending a
mailing informing them of this within a similar time frame.

Please feel free to let me know if you receive any further questions, and
thanks very much!

Dave T. Davenport, Senior Associate
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