McHenry Advisers Inc. is looking to fill an intern position.  See
attached message below.  Please contact McHenry directly if you are
interested in it.

Good luck!

Chunsheng Ban

Just wanted to touch base with as we are looking to fill another 
intern position with McHenry Advisers.  Students would be responsible 
for administrative functions as it pertains to our actuarial firm.  We 
are looking for someone that is detail oriented and organized.  The 
position is located in New Albany.  Current students or recent 
graduates can send me their resume as well as their availability.  I 
will be following up on resumes within the next couple of weeks.  If 
you could get this out to the students we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you ,
Allie McHenry
McHenry Advisers Inc.
New Albany