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Healthcare Consulting - Student Actuaries

Wakely Consulting Group (WCG) is looking to hire actuarial students in
its Denver office.  A candidate should have knowledge and experience of
data analytics and programming - or is a quick learner on those tasks.
We are looking for commitment to attaining actuarial credentials, and
to be able to work and fit well in a team environment.

Additionally, successful candidates:

* Provide high quality technical work with effective written and oral
* Have had success with SOA exams (this is a pre-ASA level position)
* Take ownership of, and exhibit initiative in the work they perform
* Proficient in Microsoft SQL Server, or able to learn quickly
* Proficient in Microsoft Office tools (e.g. Word, Excel)
* SAS programming and Medicare Advantage bid experience are a plus
* Have desire to produce high quality data analytic work
* Work well in small teams, and always looking for opportunities to
  learn and improve
* Show creative problem solving and application of sound actuarial
* Able to balance client and practice needs with professional and
  personal development

Wakely Consulting Group is a health care financial and actuarial
consulting firm serving nationwide health plans, insurance companies,
government regulators, employers, healthcare providers and other
stakeholders in health care, managed care and health care reform
marketplaces. Wakely Consulting Group assists clients with product
pricing/premium development, feasibility studies, predictive modeling,
actuarial certifications and filings, operational analysis, compliance,
and other financial and management aspects of their business.  Wakely
Consulting Group is headquartered in Clearwater, FL, with additional
offices in Denver, CO; Louisville, KY; and Boston, MA.

We are a small firm, and offer a great opportunity for faster
advancement and gaining of practical knowledge, skills, and experience.
The candidate will get to work on diverse projects and work directly
with industry-recognized consultants, as well as gain client exposure
for professional development as a consultant. We also offer a
competitive salary and comprehensive benefits.

Please email your resume to Bonny Griffith at for consideration.

Thank you!