1. A job announcement is attached below.  Because of the experience
requirement, the job is for interested alumni only.

2. Most current students are receiving messages like this one via
actsci@math.osu.edu.  You will not be able to receive these messages
after you leave OSU's actuarial program.  If you want to continue
receiving messages after graduation from OSU, please let me know.  I
will put your individual email address on the list so you can continue
receiving OSU actuarial science messages.

3. Many of you have asked me for graduate school or job recommendations.
I am still working on them, and I am trying hard to meet the deadlines.
Please be patient.

Chunsheng Ban

Ohio Department of Insurance Job Posting

The Ohio Department of Insurance has posted a job for a health actuarial
analyst.  The salary range is from $60,091.20 up to $88,462.40 depending
upon number of exams and experience.  Minimum qualification is 3 Actuarial
Exams and 4 years work in an actuarial position.  The main work duties
include reviewing rate filings, explaining our law to filing companies,
and reviewing claim reserves for companies being monitored by our risk
assessment group.  Candidates with property and casualty pricing
experience will be considered.  
Please see the link below for more details.
Ohio Actuarial Analyst Position: