Nationwide (P&C) has posted a Pricing Analyst internship position for
summer 2010 on FutureLink.  The target majors are actuarial, math and
statistics.  See below for partial description.  Full details and
application instructions are available through the FutureLink posting.
Application deadline is January 16th.  This is a paid, Columbus based
internship opportunity.

The new FutureLink employer recruiting software platform is up and
running.  If you has not signed up yet for FutureLink and needs to do
so over the break, please go to the following web site for

Good luck!

Chunsheng Ban

Nationwide Insurance is looking to fill two internship positions in
Personal Lines Pricing for Summer 2010.  One internship will be on the
Standard Auto Pricing team and the other on the Homeowners Pricing
team both in Columbus, OH. This is an excellent opportunity to
experience working at a large Property and Casualty insurer.

The actuarial intern will:
* Becomes familiar with data sources and requirements; retrieves and
  anipulates data. Estimates future loss and premium results.
* Under direct supervision, conducts analyses that adhere to actuarial
  standards of practice: selects appropriate data sources and methods,
  makes assumptions, recognizes considerations and develops
* Develops knowledge of actuarial methodologies.
* Prepares memos, documents, and letters as directed.  Communications
  are to be concise, logical, organized, and grammatically correct.
  Recipient of documents may include internal and external parties
  including regulatory bodies.