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Chunsheng Ban

Dr. Ban,

Goldman Sachs is recruiting for summer analyst interns. They have been
posted to FutureLink. Although these are not specifically actuarial
positions, Goldman is eager to consider math/actuarial/stats candidates
- and international students are eligible!!!

Goldman Sachs has posted three paid, summer analyst internship
opportunities on FutureLink. These paid positions will be in New York City
and the desired GPA is at least 3.3.  All majors are considered.  One
significant point is that international students are being considered for
these opportunities.  Excerpts from the postings are included below.  The
positions require a two step application process.  You should submit a
resume through FutureLink as well as complete the online application at
the company website.  Full job descriptions and application instructions
found in the FutureLink postings.  FutureLink can be accessed from the
career services website, 

sophomores and juniors (will be juniors and seniors during the 10-11
school year)

Global Investment Research Analyst

Our Global Investment Research Summer Program is 10 weeks long, and
provides students with the opportunity to gain insight into the division
and the role of a research analyst. We place interns directly into equity,
credit, economics, commodities and strategy research teams, where they
can focus on both project work and the day-to-day tasks of a research
team.  Summer interns work closely with a senior analyst, associate,
and/or financial analyst, gaining exposure to all aspects of the
responsibilities of a research analyst.

Investment Management Analyst

In this 10 week summer program interns assist with projects related to
new business development, strategic planning, asset allocation, and
product development , Develop and prepare marketing presentations, Work
in conjunction with various product groups within IMD to respond to
client needs, Keep abreast of the latest events in the financial markets,
Analyze client equity and fixed income portfolios, Assist with trading
and provide market information, General client service and team support.

Securities Summer Analyst

The Securities Division Sales & Trading Summer Program will be a total of
ten weeks beginning with 1 week of training.  Summer interns will have
three placements across both the Equities and FICC Divisions.  The first
placement will be assigned based on student preferences, projected hiring
for 2011, and feedback from superday interviewsProjects may include (but
are not limited to): creating client solicitation materials, working on
transaction proposals, and assisting with structuring, trading, and
investing.  In addition, the program will include lunches hosted by
Senior MDs and presentations throughout the summer.  Summer interns will
have the opportunity to participate in small group assignments that
involve research, presentation and networking.

The new FutureLink employer recruiting software platform is up and running.
If you have not signed up yet for FutureLink and need to do so over the
break, please go to the following web site for instructions:

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