Huntington Bank has a credit risk modeler position open in
its Columbus office.  See below for a job description.
Actuarial science is one of their targeted areas, though it
is not mentioned in the description.  To apply, you may
either send your resume to Mr. Keith Johansen at (614-480-2027) or apply
online at

(The above URL/address is one long line with no space.)

Good luck!

Chunsheng Ban

Working Title: Portfolio/Risk Specialist
Location: Columbus, OH, US
Organization Name: Credit Administration

Northland Facility
2361 Morse Road
Columbus, OH 43229

The portfolio risk specialist job involves building analyzing
internal and external data to develop statistical models
(scorecards) for HNB.  Scorecards seek to predict delinquency,
probability of default, loss given default, and exposure at
default using statistical methods.

The modeler will determine, develop and document data
requirements, model assumptions, conduct the statistical
analysis, and track performance.

The associate will be responsible for all aspects of model
development including mining data, conducting data analysis,
evaluating the effectiveness of the model, and recommending
how it should be used.

The associate will also assist in the implementation of the
model and validation of the model over time and make periodic
presentations to upper management.

Must prepare reports and presentations and verbally present

Job Requirements:      
Job applicant must have excellent math and analytical skills.
Undergraduate or graduate degrees in Mathematics, Statistics,
Engineering, Econometrics, Physics, or previous experience
building and developing mathematical models.
Familiarity with SAS software and FICO's Model Builder
software is a plus but not required.

Ability to show evidence of modeling and analytical skills.
Previous experience building scorecards for a financial services
company is preferred.
Additional Details             
Grade 72

Based upon experience may be hired at a senior level


Huntington does not accept solicitation from any third party
recruiters for any positions.