Enclosed below is a description of the Nationwide Financial
Leadership Summer Internship Program.  It is a different
program from the actuarial internship program that held
information session and interviews on campus last fall.
Application deadline is January 16, and all applications
should be processed through FutureLink.  It is a very
competitive program that asks for a minimum 3.5 GPA.
Please go to FutureLink for detail.

Good luck!

Chunsheng Ban
Actuarial Science

Job Title: 
Nationwide Financial Leadership Summer Internship Program
3.5 GPA preferred

The Nationwide Financial Leadership Rotation Program (FLRP) has an
internship program designed to develop our next wave of financial
leaders. The internship program consists of a 12 week cross-functional,
cross-company rotations within the disciplines of finance, investments,
strategy, marketing and internal audit.  Applicants are selected from
the top universities in the country and must meet stringent requirements
for acceptance into the program. They are evaluated on their technical,
strategic and leadership abilities. They must also demonstrate alignment
with Nationwide's core values and be able to exhibit the type of
leadership that is necessary in a rapidly changing business environment.

This program is intense and offers strategic developmental rotation
assignments in key business segments and corporate functions.  It has
been designed to develop and enhance competencies required of future
business leaders. Assignments are designed and prioritized by the top
financial leaders from across the Enterprise and are customized to meet
the developmental goals and preferences of the program participant.
Examples of rotation assignments include developing investment
governance and risk management policies for our portfolio of enterprise
investments, determining the drivers of profitability for commercial
mortgage backed securities, developing strategies for new business
ventures and implementing a new financial performance management

* Tailored Orientation: The program begins with an extensive orientation
period that is personally customized to prepare associates for success
in the insurance and financial services industry. During the orientation
period, emphasis is placed on leadership and values, as well as industry
and company research.

* Mentoring Partnerships: Executive mentors - from our financial
leadership team - provide one-on-one leadership development and career
advice throughout the duration of the program and beyond.

* Challenging Assignments: Associates are placed in high-impact, high
profile assignments that have been designed to both assess a
participant's full potential and help them develop their leadership and
technical skills

* Professional Networking: Associates take part in one-on-ones with
finance leaders. In addition, networking events have been designed to
provide associates exposure to senior executives and the opportunity to
interact with leaders from across the organization.

This program will challenge assumptions and stretch comfort zones.  We
are looking for individuals who can show they have what it takes to
become a future leader at Nationwide.