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The main purpose of this page is to make available to interested people programs and source code for Macintosh PPC computers I have written using CodeWarrior Pro 4 Pascal and Fantasm 6.0 FC3 programming languages. CodeWarrior Pro 4 can be obtained from Metrowerks. Note that CodeWarrior Pro 5 does not support Pascal programming. Fantasm can be obtained from Lightsoft.

Most of my Pascal programs deal with user-friendly, inter-active, versions of various classical approximation-theoretical algorithms. For more Macintosh Pascal programs see the Pascal Central web site.

Fantasm programs were written while I was trying to learn Macintosh PPC assembly language. Invaluable help of people who have created Fantasm, especially Stuart Ball's, is gratefully acknowledged. In these projects beginners can find a lot of information about Macintosh tool-box based PPC assembly language programming. For more information about Fantasm see Lightsoft's web site.

Warning: ALL the files here are for Macs. IBM people should not download anything. IBM people should get a Mac.

CodeWarrior Pro 4 Pascal programs

CodeWarrior Pro 7 Carbon Pascal programs

Fantasm projects

Carbon Fantasm projects

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