My name is Austin. I am Ranko's new dog now. I am sorry if I bark too much at people who come close to Ranko. I would even byte them if he would let me. You see, I have to protect Ranko from everybody.

Ranko found me on the Internet while browsing through the pictures of Cocker Spaniels at http://www.petfinder.org. Actually, I am a Cocker Spaniel mix, but Ranko doesn't care, he thinks I am just as cute as I am. I used to live at Pocono Pet Rescue in Eastern Pennsylvania with several other dogs, but now I have a home of my own with a big fenced backyard from which I have already chased all the rabbits and squirrels.

I am Lucy. I am a Bosnian Barak girl, born in Banja Luka 5 years ago. I live now in Belgrade, Yugoslavia. When Ranko was in Belgrade last spring, we went every day to the park where I could run and play with other dogs. I miss Ranko very much.

I am here with Ranko's son Ivan and my daughter Sally. We are both very proud to belong to Ivan. He has promised us that he will bring us to the United States when he decides to return from Yugoslavia.