Math 116    Spring 06


Assignment 1    due Thursday, March 30


You may delay #11 and #12 until assignment 2, if you wish.


Chapter 1, #1-16.  (Be sure you understand all of sections 1.1 and 1.2 before attempting the first homework set.)


Notes on the exercises.

#9: Be sure to tally the last place votes for all four candidates.  What is literally wrong with the way the tie-breaking criterion is worded? (Imagine a computer programmer taking the criterion literally!)   How would you word a corrected version?

#10:  Notice that the tie-breaking criterion is better worded in this exercise.

#11, 12:  Would  strategic voters (insincere ) always know ahead of time how to cast their ballots?  Would it make any difference whether a straw poll were taken before the actual vote?

#13:  You can always proceed by trial and error.