Math 116    Winter 2006    Robert Brown

REVISED SYLLABUS  both lectures


From Feb. 22 to the end of the quarter the topic of the course will be Electoral Systems.

This material is not in the textbook.

The lecture overheads will be scanned into the class website as usual.

Below are some additional websites that you can use as starting points for additional information.




Midterm 3: Fri. Mar. 3 will be on Apportionment


FINAL EXAM will be comprehensive, covering the entire quarter, including the material on Electoral Systems.


You must bring your University ID to the final exam.  If you do not, your grade will not be posted without your seeing the lecturer in MW 710 with your university ID on Tuesday March 14 or Wednesday. March 15, between 2:30 and 4:30.


Homework: There will be no homework due the last Thursday of classes.


Grading:  Your homework will be worth 100 points total.  Since there are only 9 homeworks, each will be worth  100/9 points.