Math 200/253 - Summer 2012
Math 200/253 Section 923 - Summer 2012

  • June 6 Quiz 4 (with solutions) is here.
  • June 6 Partial solutions to the practice sheet are here.
  • May 23 The midterm will be during class time (and in our usual class room) from 4-6 on Friday. It will cover everything up to section 15.7, as well perhaps as a simple problem from 15.7.
  • May 17 Solutions to last week's quiz are posted here. Note that the solution to problem 2 actually contains an error - at a certain step (where?), signs are switched from what they should be for some coefficients of $x$, $y$, so that in the end the answer should be (3,-7), not (-3,7).
  • May 17 A practice midterm, together with solutions nontheless, is available here. If you make use of it, for maximum effect try not to look at the solution to a give problem until after attempting the problem with serious effort (don't think about the problem and look at the solution 30 seconds after you've stopped partway through).
  • May 16 You may view a variety of past course finals, including from Math 200 and Math 253, here. You may want to glance through these in prepartion for the upcoming midterm (obviously, you'll only need to know how to do questions which relate to material we will have covered, i.e. through 15.6)
  • May 8 Homework is posted here.
Instructor Information
Instructor: Marc Carnovale
Email : carnovale[[[[at]]]]math[[[[dot]]]]ubc[[[[dot]]]]ca
Office: Auditorium Annex 133
Office hours:  TBA

In addition to the office hours of the instructor, please take advantage of the free DROP-IN HELP for Math 200 at the Math Learning Centre (MLC) in LSK 100. See the schedule on the Math Department Drop-In Tutoring page.

Course Information
Section: 923
Class times and locations: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-6 PM, and Friday 5-6 PM in MATH ANNEX 1100,
Textbook: The textbook for thi s course is Multivariable Calculus by J. Stewart, 6th Edition (which is included in Calculus 6th Edition by J. Stewart). Or equivalently, Calculus / Multivariable Calculus: Early Transcendentals by J. Stewart, 6th Edition.

(Note: the chapter numbering above refers to the 6th Edition of Multivariable Calculus (or Calculus) by J. Stewart. The chapter numbering in the Early Transcendentals version of the text is one less than the chapter numbering above (e.g. Chapter 13 of Multivariable Calculus, 6th edition corresponds to Chapter 12 of Multivariable Calculus: Early Transcendentals, 6th edition.).

Syllabus: The course will cover Chapters 13 (Vectors and the Geometry of Space), 15 (Partial Derivatives), 16 (Multiple Integrals) of the textbook. See the schedule and the objectives and summary of topics for this course.

Exams, Grades, and Course Policies
See the course outline.

Homework and Practice Problems
Problems are posted here.