Algebra and Trigonometry and Their Applications

Math 148 (call number 40142-3)

Autumn Quarter, 2001

Instructor: Sergei Chmutov

Classes: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:10 - 10:58 a.m. at O-217

TEXTBOOK: Contemporary College Algebra and Trigonometry (A Graphing Approach), by Thomas W. Hungerford. Custom Version Ohio State University.

CALCULATORS: A graphing calculator is a required component of this course. Texas Instruments TI-83 (or TI-83+) would be the best choice. Note: TI-89, TI-92, or any calculator that uses a Computer Algebra System is not allowed.

Quizzes 100
Midterms 2x100
Final exam 150

MIDTERM I (through 6.1/6.1.A) Friday, October 12.
MIDTERM II (through 5.5) Friday, November 2.
FINAL EXAM (through 5.5) Monday, December 3.

A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D
90 87 83 80 77 73 70 67 63 60

Tests and quizzes: Every Friday will be a test or a quiz. Each quiz will be graded out of 100 points. The lowest grade will be dropped and the average of the remaining quiz scores will be the total quiz grade. If you miss a test due to illness or for some other legitimate reason, the test may be rescheduled with me. This is YOUR responsibility and should be done in a timely fashion. Tests missed due to an unexcused absence may not be taken at a later date and you will receive a zero for that test.

Attendance: Regular attendance is necessary in order to successfully complete 148. Attendance will be taken daily.

Homework: There will be two homework assignments per week.

1. The coordinate plane. Graphs.
2. Introduction to graphing calculators. Solving equations.
3. Linear and quadratic equations and applications.
4. Optimization.
5. Systems of equations.
6. Functions.
7. Exponential functions and applications.
8. Logarithmic functions.
9. Triangles. Introduction to trigonometry.
10. The Laws of Sines and Cosines.


Bonus problem: The rule of 72. (10 points extra credit)

Bonus problem: Wildlife Management. (10 points extra credit)

Math 148 in Columbus

Online trigonometry tutorial, WebTrig