Introduction to the Practice of Statistics

Stat 145 (call number 40193-6)

Spring Quarter, 2006

Instructor: Sergei Chmutov

Classes: 2:30 -- 3:35 pm
Monday, Wednesday in C-200, Friday in O-235.

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TEXTBOOK: The Basic Practice of Statistics, by D. S. Moore, W.H.Freeman and Company, New York, 3rd edition, ISBN 0-7167-9623-6 (Hardcover), 0-7167-0223-1 (paperback)

Homework In each assignment there will be two sets of exercises, most of which are from our textbook. You should work the first set, but you won't be asked to hand in your solutions.
The second set is due on the date listed in the course schedule, at the beginning of class. You should do these exercises completely and carefully. The exercises require you to use the computer. If necessary, you should complete these assignments outside of the scheduled lab hours.

Examinations: There will be two midterm exams and a final exam. The exams will be "closed book". You may bring a calculator to the exam. The final exam will be comprehensive.
MIDTERM I Wednesday, April 26.
MIDTERM II Friday, May 26.
FINAL EXAM Monday, June 5, 6:00 - 7:48 pm.

Homework 100
Midterms 2x100
Final exam 200

I will use "Grading on the Curve" to convert the scores into letter grades This means that your grade will be determined by two numbers: the mean m, and the standard deviation σ. Study statistics to learn what they are!!!
Scores above m+.7σ will earn A or A-. Scores between m-.4σ and m+.7σ will earn a B+, B, or B. Scores between m-1.2σ and m-.4σ will earn a C+, C, or C. Scores between m-2.2σ and m-1.2σ will earn a D+, D, or D. And the scores below m-2.2σ will fail the course. GRADING SCALE (Percent):
A A- B+ B B- C+ C C- D+ D
m+.9σ m+.7σ m-.3σ m-.1σ m-.4σ m-.8σ m m-1.2σ m-1.7σ m-2.2σ

Tentative daily schedule

Where are the doctors (Excel).
Weight of newborns (Excel).