Mount Holyoke College

Math 251: Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation

Instructor: Sergei Chmutov

Classes: Monday, Wednesday 1:00-2:50 at Clapp 401

Textbook: Laboratories in Mathematical Experimentation. A bridge to higher mathematics by G.Cobb etc. Springer, 1997.

Projects: There will be five projects projects due Sep.29, Oct.13, Nov.1, Nov.22, Dec.15 correspondently. The last project will serve as a final examination. Its subject will be under a student choice. The subjects of the first four are following:
--- Iterations of Linear Functions (Chapter 1)
--- Cyclic Difference Sets (Chapter 2)
--- The Coloring of Graphs (Chapter 5)
--- Polyhedra (Chapter 7)
A student can choose his own subject for a project if she does not like the suggested one. Projects will be doing in groups of two - three students.

Reports: A report should be 4-6 pages long, typed preferebly in TeX. It sould reflect the following:
--- presentation of the problem;
--- your experimental strategy and/or design;
--- results of your experimentation;
--- analysis of data;
--- mathematical analysis of conjectures.

Grading: Each of the first four projects gives 50pt. The last project gives 100pt.
Most important parameters under evaluation are:
--- presentation of the problem;
--- presentation of the data;
--- choise of questions to investigate;
--- analysis of the data and justification of conjectures;
--- mathematical analysis of conjectures.

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