S.Chmutov, S.Duzhin, J.Mostovoy, Introduction to Vassiliev Knot invariants.
(a preliminary draft version of a book about Chord Diagrams, 460 pages)

PDF file (7 Mgb, version of July 20, 2010)

S.Chmutov, I.Pak, The Kauffman bracket and the Bollobás-Riordan polynomial of ribbon graphs. Preprint arXiv:math.GT/0404475.

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S.Chmutov, J.Voltz, Thistlethwaite's theorem for virtual links. Preprint arXiv:math.GT/0704.1310.

S.Chmutov, S.Lando, Mutant knots and intersection graphs. Preprint arXiv:math.GT/0704.1313.