Knots and Graphs

VIGRE Working Group [Summer 2006]
MATH 693, call number 11615-4, 3 credits
June 19 --- August 21, 2006

Instructor: Sergei Chmutov
Office MA-438. Phone 688-3177

Tuesday 11:00-12:00, and Thursday, 3:00-4:00. Room MW154

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  • List of participants
  • Research pojects
  • Schedule
  • References
  • D.Bar-Natan's Knot Atlas
  • REU program at the Louisiana State University


  • A special video-lecture from LSU. Complex Reflection group,   by Pramod Achar,  Tue. June 27.
  • Video conference with LSU. Thu. July 13.
          LSU presenters:
                    Mary Radcliffe, Clock Lattices of Plane Graph Spanning Trees.
                    Robin Lassonde, Flow Algebra in C.
                    Mike Locke, Bipartite Dessins and Tiger Graphs.
          OSU presenters:
                    Shaun Van Ault, Computer programs for the Kauffman bracket, the Jones polynomial, and the Bollobás-Riordan polynomial.
                    Michael (Cap) Khoury, Polyak-Viro formulas for Vassiliev invariants.
  • Shaun Ault's programs. See also his presentation on the video conference on July 13.
  • Shaun Van Ault, Coefficients of the Kauffman bracket, July 18.
  • Jeremy Voltz, Thistlethwaite's theorem for virtual links, July 25.
  • Young Mathematicians Conference, August 4-6.
  • Nicholas Kefauver, Nishali Mehta, Alex Mominee The Tutte, flow, and tension polynomials of graphs, August 10.
  • James Sharpnack, Justin Wiser Hamilton cycles in Cayley graphs, August 15.
  • Charles Estill, Daniel Grollmus, Min Ro Strong maps of matroids, August 17.
  • Cap Khoury, Alfred Rossi Polyak-Viro formulas for coefficients of the Conway polynomial, August 22.