Knots and Graphs

Working Group [Summer 2017]
MATH 4193, class number 17381
June 6 --- July 28, 2017

Instructor: Sergei Chmutov
Office MA-232. Phone 688-3126

Monday 12:30-1:30, Friday 12:00-1:00, MW-154             

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  • Schedule

    Week 1

    Fr. June 9S.Chmutov,  Introduction. Knots and Jones polynomial.    Handout.   

    Week 2

    Mo. June 12S.Chmutov,  The Kauffman bracket and Jones polynomial.   
    Fr. June 16 S.Chmutov,  The Tutte polynomial.     Handout.    Wikipedia.

    Week 3

    Mo. June 19S.Chmutov,  Algebraic and tropical geometries.    Wikipedia.
    Fr. June 23 M.Budd, C.Dilsavor, N.Liu,  Conway-Gordon theorem.

    Week 4

    Mo. June 26M.Heinz, A.Howells,  Arrow polynomial of virtual links.
    Fr. June 30 D.Brogan, N.Henderson, V.Winstein,  Divisors on graphs and tropical curves.     Handout.

    Week 5

    Fr. July 7 W.Hoffer, A.Vengal, A.Weaver,  Enhanced Kauffman bracket.     Handout.

    Week 6

    Mo. July 10M.Budd, C.Dilsavor, N.Liu,  Intrinsic triple linked complete graphs.
    Fr. July 14 D.Brogan, N.Henderson, V.Winstein,  Weierstraß points on tropical curves.

    Week 7

    Mo. July 17M.Heinz, A.Howells,  Extended Kauffman bracket.
    Fr. July 21 W.Hoffer, A.Vengal, A.Weaver,  Tricoloring number of links.

    Week 8

    Mo. July 24M.Budd, C.Dilsavor, N.Liu,  Higher linking numbers in complete graphs.
    Fr. July 28 M.Crawshaw,  (An attempt at) Strengthening the arrow polynomial.