Training Program in Mathematical Biology

Supported by National Science Foundation grant DMS-1253481


To provide training for potential researchers in interdisciplinary research at the interface of mathematics and biology via training in computation, mathematics and critical thinking.


Academic year 2014-2015. (This program will run every year until 2018)

Targeted participants

Junior or senior level students who are highly interested in exploring the area of mathematical biology and become a researcher. For engineering and math students, the prerequisites are ODE and linear algebra, and these requirements don’t apply to biology or students in other areas.


Training in computation (using MATLAB) and basic mathematics for modeling will be provided in the first three weeks, which takes around 2-3 hours of lectures per week. The students are expected to practice and do assignments after lectures. For the rest of the year, students will attend a seminar of one hour per week, to discuss papers (there will be no assigned research project). Selected papers will be presented by students, and everyone is required to read the paper and participate the discussion. In the end of this academic year, students have the opportunity to participate MBI undergraduate activities, including doing a research project.

MBI undergraduate summer activities (for this past summer, the webpage for 2015 will be updated later):


A brief CV and the transcript are required, and one paragraph of description of why you would like to participate in this program and what you want to get from this program is also expected. The extended deadline for application is November 15, 2014. If you are selected to this program, you will be contacted later. The application can be emailed to

Expected number of participants



Guaranteed summer support around $1000 will be provided to each student who participates in summer activities. The actual number of support may vary with the number of the students. Support during academic year may also be available but that is subject to budget and the total number of students.