MATHEMATICS 5102  Spring 2012, Info for the section at 9:10a.m. in Hayes Hall-039 (HA) room 0006

Instructor:    Dr. Rodica D. Costin,
Office: 436 Math Tower
Office hours:  WF 1:30-2:30 p.m. or by appointment

Prerequisites: Abstract linear algebra, multivariable calculus

Key topics

Text:  UM. Gerlach: Linear Mathematics in Infinite Dimensions (Chapter 1,2,3,4,5)
...other sources will be also recommended as we go
I will also post lecture notes.

One homework set every week, generally posted on the web page each Friday and due the following Friday at the beginning of the class.

One midterm exam (in class) sometime in the last three weeks of February,
one take-home cumulative final.

Team work: YES for homework, NO for the exams.
• For each homework assignment, collaboration is allowed.
(To be determined: if each student must submit his/her own solutions, or if  each team (up to three students) should submit only one write-up, signed by all members of the team.)
• The EXAMS ARE INDIVIDUAL, and any collaboration is strictly prohibited.

Homework policy:
Each assignment paper will be graded for mathematical correctness AND PRESENTATION. Points will be deducted for sloppiness, incomprehensible or insufficient explanation, or for lack of supporting arguments. The solutions should be presented so that your fellow students could read them and follow both the calculations and logic.

Grading policy:
Each assignment will consist of approximately 50 possible points, the midterm exam is worth 100 points and the Final Exam will be worth about 200 points. There is a total of about 900 points.
Late papers will not be accepted except in extreme situations with documented excuse. It is the student’s responsibility to be aware of all instructions that are delivered during class, including departures from general assignments.

Use of software: You are encouraged and sometimes have to use a software package such as Maple, Mathematica, or Matlab. So, practice with some linear algebra software soon, and get used to working with it. All routine calculations should be checked this way. If we want you to do hand calculations, we will make it explicit. Even then, check your calculations.
When you use software, you should submit the output + explanations (what calculations you did and why). A simple solution consisting of output from, say, Maple is NOT sufficient. Use common sense here.

Disability Statement:

Students with disabilities that have been certified by the Office for Disability Services will be appropriately accommodated, and should inform the instructor as soon as possible of their needs. The Office for Disability Services is located in 150 Pomerene Hall, 1760 Neil Avenue; telephone (614) 292-3307 and VRS (614) 429-1334; webpage