Math 6702
 Differential Geometry

Lecturer:   Michael Davis
    Office:   MW (Math Tower) 616
    Course webpage:
    Phone:   292-4886
    Office hours:     MWF  1:00 - 1:45 PM

Text:  Sylvestre Gallot, Dominique Hulin, Jacques Lafontaine, Riemannian Geometry (Universitext), Springer-Verlag 2004.  ISBN 3-540-20493-8
Class:   MWF 1:50 - 2:45 PM,  Enarson Classroom Bldg 0312.

Course Description:  Riemannian manifolds, distance, volume; covariant derivatives, Levi-Civita connection; geodesics, curvatures: sectional, Ricci, scalar; Jacobi fields, conjugate points; Rauch Comparison, Hopf-Rinow, Hadamard, Preissman's and Berger's Sphere Theorems

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Exams:  There will be a midterm () and final ()

Speaking Schedule

Section in book
2B.4, 2B.5
Sheng Guo
2/7, 2/10
Gunes Senel
2/10, 2/13
2.C.6 (geodesics of PnC)
Chao Xu
2.C.7 (cut-locus)
Yilong Wang
2/26, 2/28
2.C.8 (geodesic flow)
Bakul Sathaye
3/3, 3/5
(ergodicity of geodesic flow)
Yongxiao Lin