Radical Pi

Wednesday, 5pm
April 6, 2005
Math Tower (MW) 724


lecture by

Prof. Gerald A. Edgar 

 Henri Lebesgue

 Constantin Caratheodory
historical roots
 of the concepts


self-similar sets
 as examples


 Felix Hausdorff
1901 - Lebesgue proposed a new way to measure area in the plane, volume in 3-space, etc.

1914 - Caratheodory showed how to compute length in any dimension, and (more generally) p-dimensional measure in q-dimensional space for integers p ≤ q.

1918 - Hausdorff observed that Caratheodory's construction works - and is interesting - even when p is not an integer.

1929 & later - Besicovitch developed the Hausdorff measure into a powerful mathematical tool.

 A. S. Besicovitch