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The Math Community Forum (formerly called Math 2000 Colloquium Series) began in 1997 with a group of speakers focused on calculus reform. In order to reach out to the university community and to the public, the Department of Mathematics has sought to expand the series to embrace issues of interest to the general mathematics community (e.g., physicists, chemists economists, mathematics teachers, social scientists, etc.). Such issues include discussions on teaching, K-12 outreach, public policy, research funding and educational trends.

Mathematics is a central discipline in modern education, touching all aspects of life. Problem solving skills garnered through math education have logical application to science, technology and even society as a whole. The goal of the Math Community Forum is to strengthen and improve relationships between the OSU Department of Mathematics, the university community, and the general public by presenting a forum for discussion of the issues affecting us all.

Talks are at 4:30 in the MBI Lecture Hall .  There is an informal tea at 3:30 in MW 724, before each talk.
NOTE: Professor Parshall's talk has been moved to 2:30 due to a schedule conflict.

Math. Community Forum,
April 1, 2004

Photo of Karen Parshall

Karen Parshall
University of Virginia
will talk on

Contours of the American Mathematical Research Community, 1776-1950

This talk will trace the development of mathematics in the United States from the colonial period through World War II in an effort to provide a contextualization for the support of research-level mathematics on American shores. It will touch on, among other topics, the growth of a mathematical community per se out of a general science community, the evolution of the doctoral degree, and the influence of the foreign---especially German---research ethos on the leaders of American mathematics.

Math. Community Forum,
February 26, 2004

Photo of Philipe Tondeur

Philippe Tondeur
University of Illinois
will talk on

Funding Research in the Mathematical Sciences

I will discuss federal funding of research in the mathematical sciences, mainly by the National Science Foundation.

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