Math 860

General Information

Math 860: Algebraic Topology I
Autumn Quarter 2002

The sequence 860-861-862 is an intermediate level sequence in algebraic
topology designed to prepare students for doctoral level work in topology
and allied fields.  In the autumn quarter we will study cohomology, cup
products, homological algebra, orientation and duality.  Many of these
topics have found important applications in other areas of mathematics
as well, including algebraic geometry, group theory, number theory,
and operator theory.

Our text in the fall will be Hatcher's Algebraic Topology, which is available free of charge from the author's home page. We will be covering Chapter 3 in the text.

Your grades will be based on homework and a take-home final (which you will have several weeks to work on). I will also ask you to take class notes in rotation, in a format suitable for scanning. The scanned notes will be posted below.