When I use Safari, I like to keep a lot of tabs open; but when I close Safari, it forgets what I had open. Consequently, I wrote ForgetMeNot—a SIMBL plugin for Safari which saves the URLs you were visiting when Safari quits, and reloads those same websites for you when you start Safari again.

Version 3 added “Unclose Window” to Safari’s file menu; if you accidentally close a window, you can “Unclose Window” to bring the closed window back. Similarly, you can “Undo Close Tab” under the Edit menu.

Undo Close Tab

The latest version of ForgetMeNot works with Safari 4 using Snow Leopard and the latest 64-bit version of SIMBL. ForgetMeNot is not yet compatible with Safari 5.

Download ForgetMeNot version 6.5

Source Code

If you need to uninstall this program, drag the ForgetMeNot.bundle from /Library/Application Support/SIMBL/Plugins into the trash.

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