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Downloadable Manuscripts and CDs

You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the PDF files from the Adobe Website.

Each file can be downloaded in the file format specified by the icons. Click on the file format icons to view or download the file. The file formats are the following :

DVI file formatDVI-Need a Tex program to view.
DOC file formatDOC-Word file, need WinWord to view or Microsoft Word.
PDF file formatPDF-Need Adobe Acrobat reader to view.
PS file formatPS-PostScript, need a post script printer to print.
TXT file formatTXT-text file can be viewed on line, printed and edited.HTMLHTML file can be viewed or printed from your web browser.
HQ (High Quality) links wav audio files can be played in your browser.
LQ (Lower Quality) links to AAC files created with iTunes encoder.

Some of the documents available here have appeared or will appear in print. Please be aware that there are differences between any print versions and these downloadable versions.

The lpr command in Unix should get the PostScript files to print out. Non-Unix systems will have a different and obvious print command.

There may be a few characters in the pdf files that do not appear or print. To the best of our knowledge, these characters will be either • or ≠.

Any printing or downloading problems should be reported to friedman@math.ohio-state.edu.

1. CD Tracks

  1. ChopPrelA020909: HQ LQ
  2. ChopPrelEmin051309: HQ LQ
  3. ChopPrelCmin022809: HQ LQ
  4. ChopPrelBmin022009: HQ LQ
  5. BeethFurElise022809: HQ LQ
  6. MendSpinSong031209: HQ LQ
  7. PaderMenG031109: HQ LQ
  8. AcrossField020909: HQ LQ
  9. TakeFive042809: HQ LQ
  10. BelieveMe022809: HQ LQ
  11. IrishEyes121908: HQ LQ
  12. AuldLangSyne051309: HQ LQ

2. Manuscripts

  1. Coming Soon.

[Degrees and Employment History] [Distinctions]
[Publications] [Others about Friedman]
[Downloadable Manuscripts] [Comments and Ideas] [Adventures in Music]
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