SYLLABUS- MATH 3345 (16860), Foundations of Higher Mathematics- Autumn 2015

Class Information

Time: 11:30AM-12:25PM
Days:: Monday, Wednesday, Friday
Place: 130 Baker Systems Engineering.
Prerequisites: Major or minor in Math, CSE, CIS, or ECE, and: If Math: Prereq: A grade of C- or above in 2153, 2162.xx, 2173, or 2182H, or credit for 254.xx, 263.xx, 263.01H. If CIS, CSE or ECE: Prereq: A grade of C- or above in CSE 2321; and a grade of C- or above in 1161.xx, 1172, 1181H, 1534, 1544, 1152, or 4181H, or credit for 153.xx, 154, 162.xx, or 162.01H. Not open to students with credit for 345.

Contact Information

Instructor: Davide Fusi
Office: MW 530
Office hours: Monday 12:40PM-1:40PM, Tuesday 1:45PM-2:45PM, Thursday 1:45PM-2:45PM, or by appointment
Phone: 614-292-5912
Email: fusi.1(AT)math(DOT)osu(DOT)edu or fusi.1(AT)osu(DOT)edu

Course content:

Textbook: The Fundamentals of Higher Mathematics, Autumn 2015 Edition, lecture notes by Professor Neil Falkner.

Material covered: Introduction to logic, proof techniques, set theory, number theory, real numbers. This corresponds to sections 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10, 11, 13, 15 of the book. We may also cover 12, 14, 15, 16 depending on time and class interests.

Course webpage:

NOTE: the course webpage contains a course calendar where you will find the material covered each day of class.

PLEASE CHECK COURSE WEBPAGE REGULARLY: important information may be posted there, including daily homework assignment.

Attendance: is required for all classes. Should you miss a class, it is your responsibility to get notes from your classmates.

Homework assignments

Homework assignments are updated nearly daily on the course website:

Homework is an integral part of the course. Homework will be collected nearly daily in this course. Homework are due the third class after I assign it. Homework is considered due at the end of the class period. Any homework turned in after class will be considered late. No late Homework will be accepted. I will drop the five lowest homeworks when computing the final grade.

Homework should be legible and clear. You should clearly indicate the problem you are working on. All papers should be written at an appropriate level: someone not familiar with what you are writing about should be able to read it and to follow your arguments.

Grading policy:

There will be two midterms, one final exam and regular daily homework.

The final grade is cumulative.

Grade distribution:
40% : Final
40% : Midterms (20% each)
20% : Homework

Grade scale:

I will adopt OSU Standard Scheme.


Exams are closed books, closed notes, and no calculator.

Dates of the exams:

Final: 17th of December (10:00am-11:45am in 130 Baker Systems Engineering).

Midterms: 28th of September and 9th of November.

Make-up policy:

Attendance at all exams at the scheduled time and place is required. Students must bring their OSU ID to all exams in order for their exams to be properly recorded. STUDENTS SHOULD NOT MAKE TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS THAT CONFLICT WITH THE FINAL EXAM. SUCH A CONFLICT IS NOT A VALID REASON FOR MISSING THE REGULARLY SCHEDULED FINAL EXAM.

Make-ups on midterms will be allowed only with prior notice and only if an emergency occurs. In this case, official documentation or a doctor's certificate will be required.

If you have provided a suitable justification, I will assign to the missing exam the same grade you will get in the final exam. Alternatively, given sufficent notice, I may be willing to reschedule the exam.

Important remarks:

Disability Statement: Students with disabilities that have been certified by the Office for Disability Services will be appropriately accommodated and should inform the instructor as soon as possible of their needs. The Office for Disability Services is located in 150 Pomerene Hall, 1760 Neil Avenue; telephone 292-3307, TDD 292-0901;"

Academic Misconduct Statement: It is the responsibility of the Committee on Academic Misconduct to investigate or establish procedures for the investigation of all reported cases of student academic misconduct. The term "academic misconduct" includes all forms of student academic misconduct wherever committed; illustrated by, but not limited to, cases of plagiarism and dishonest practices in connection with examinations. Instructors shall report all instances of alleged academic misconduct to the committee (Faculty Rule 3335-5-487). For additional information, see the Code of Student Conduct:


Questions are most welcome during class. For longer questions, you are invited to discuss with me during office hours. If you cannot come during office hours, please write me an email and we will schedule an appointment at a time wich is convinient for you.