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(Updated: May 2017)

Daniel Glasscock

Graduate student in mathematics at the Ohio State University



Interplay between notions of additive and multiplicative largeness, with V. Bergelson.

Multiplicative richness of additively large sets in Zd, with V. Bergelson.

Shift equivalence in the generalized factor order, with J. Fidler, D. G., J. Pantone, B. K. Miceli, and M. Xu. (poster)

Solutions to certain linear equations in Piatetski-Shapiro sequences. Acta Arith., to appear.

Marstrand-type theorems for the counting and mass dimensions in Zd. Combin. Probab. Comput., 25(5):700-743, 2016.

What is ... a graphon? Notices Amer. Math. Soc., 62(1):46-48, 2015.

Sumset estimates in abelian groups. MS Thesis.


Talk notes

Norm forms, Kakeya, Euler cotangent, crank of a partition, Euler elliptic integral, Euler exponentiation, what is a graphon, density Hales-Jewett, toda flow, finite invariant measures, braid groups, sets of recurrence, topology and convergence, partition regularity, number theory exercises


Academic history

2009-11: Central European University

Summer 2008: REU at Trinity University

2007-08: Budapest Semesters in Math

2005-09: Rice University

2003-05: Texas Academy of Math and Science



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