To My Students

Suggestions and observations:

Some Hints

If you are concerned about your score on a test, you may want to check and see if you are following practices that lead to success. See if you can answer "yes" to each of the following items, which were adapted from a list in an article in "The Teaching Professor."

  1. I read the assigned section the day before it is discussed in class.

  2. I allow about one hour for reading each assigned chapter, so that I can read it slowly and thoughtfully.

  3. I read to find out ``why?" in addition to ``what?", because I really want to know how to be an effective student.

  4. I attend class regularly, and am rarely or never late.

  5. I sit near the front of the class, so that I feel like a participant, not merely a passive observer.

  6. I take notes on virtually everything that is said or discussed in class.

  7. I ask questions in class until the concept under discussion is clear in my mind. This also helps me feel a part of the class, instead of an observer watching others learn.

  8. I have organized a study group of three or four friends, with whom I review the problems, text, and class discussions two or three days prior to each exam.

  9. I get a good night's sleep (seven or eight or even nine hours) prior to the day of the exam.

  10. I attempt all of the assigned problems before the next class period. I never give up on a problem, and always know how to do all of the assigned problems, and as many of the unassigned problems as possible, before the exam.

If your answer to one or more of the above items is ``no", you might want to fine-tune your study approaches in order to incorporate these methods and strategies. Additional help may be obtained in the Math Lab (Conard 100), or you may stop by my office (Ovalwood 327) for a visit.