randFromArray([ ["in", "inch"], ["ft", "foot"], ["m", "meter"], ["cm", "centimeter"], ["", "unit"] ]) randRange(1, 8) randRange(1, 8) randRangeNonZero(-2, 2) B * H
Suppose a parallelogram has base length B \text{ UNIT} and height H \text{ UNIT}.
What is the parallelogram's area?
K square plural(UNIT_TEXT)
graph.p = parallelogram(B, H, UNIT, SH); graph.p.drawBase(); graph.p.drawHeight();

By moving a slice of the parallelogram, we can see that its area is equal to that of a rectangle with the same base and height.

graph.p.sliceHint(); graph.p.animHint();

area of rectangle = b \times h


A = B \times H = K