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Moving to a new place and calling it home comes with its set of challenges. In an effort to help get settled in Columbus, several of us have started a social group, open to new OSU faculty, postdocs and their family, which meets on a weekly basis for things like festivals, conferences, dinners, happy hours and which shares recommendations on things like doctors, attorneys, child care, housing, etc. Our group has reached over 100 members and, with many of us sharing common interests, we've had the opportunity to take on some exciting new projects and interdisciplinary collaborations as well.

Socializing and Scheduling

All events are currently scheduled through the following site. One needs to register (free) in order to see the details and must be in the OSU community to do so. The weekly happy hours have become a mainstay with attendance regularly reaching 15-20 people (don't let the RSVP count for these events fool you).
Recommendations, Updates and Shared Information

For recommendations on doctors, attorneys, realtors, child care, etc, updates on weekend happenings in Columbus and sharing of resources, one may register (free) to the following closed group. Again, registration is restricted to those in the OSU community. This keeps the recommendations and shared information genuine. There are no outside advertisements.
New Projects and Interdisciplinary Collaboration

For exciting new ways to collaborate and showcase your research, technology and pedagogy, check out a new project several of us are involved in.
Local Happenings

In my opinion, three of the best ways to find things of interest to you in Columbus and to get to know the city:

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