My interests are Geometry, Topology and Geometric Group Theory

Teaching: MAth 162.01

Papers on simplicial nonpositive curvature can be found on Tomasz Elsner page on SNPC

Papers on cohomology of Coxeter groups and buildings

New Kazhdan groups
Cohomology of buildings and of their automorphism groups
Thin buidings ,
Weighted $L^2$-cohomology of Coxeter groups
Cohomology of Coxeter groups with group ring coefficients
Cohomology of Coxeter groups with group ring coefficients: II
Compactly supported cohomology of buildings ,
Boundaries of right-angled hyperbolic buildings

Other papers

Elltwo cohomology of hyperplane complements,

Commensurability and QI classification of free products of finitely generated abelian groups ,
Quasi-isometric classification of some high dimensional right-angled Artin groups ,

Infinite groups with fixed point properties
Groups possessing extensive hierarchical decompositions ,

Odd-dimensional Charney-Davis conjecture ,

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